One Saint Louis

Faith for Justice is proud to endorse Tishaura Jones

for Mayor of Saint Louis

Unlike other candidates, Ms. Jones explicitly names systemic racism, and race-based segregation as some of the roots of division and injustice in our region. Her policies page lists a number of resources that support her plans. While we have no hard feelings for  Alderman Antonio French, the other truly progressive candidate on the ballot, Ms. Jones’s affirmation of insightful, locally focused and prepared reports (like For the Sake of All, Forward Through Ferguson and others) is bold and refreshing. Jones also affirms and participates in #FightFor15 actions, and is the only candidate to consistently address sub-minimum wages in concrete language. We have experienced the dire need for this kind of boldness and willingness to collaborate with the most impacted people in underserved communities.



In her own words, Jones is “the only candidate who has implemented recommendations of the Forward Through Ferguson Report: The College Kids College Savings Account Program, The Office of Financial Empowerment, and funding the updated study that will put us in the pipeline for federal funding for the North/South MetroLink. Implementing the calls to action listed in the report is central to my platform, which can be found at I believe we must confront the hard truths raised by the Ferguson Commission, and also develop metrics, measure, and monitor our progress towards meeting those calls to action.”

Ms. Jones has been listening, advocating, and promoting the voices of people in the city of St. Louis that other candidates overlook. People who are without money and clout are the voices of the majority of the city, not the elite. Ms. Jones is looking for them and willing to hear them. She will change this city in ways that center the most vulnerable and marginalized, which brings renewal to everyone. By working to eliminate poverty and racial injustice, we practice the true peace of equity: to value our neighbors on the basis of their humanity alone.

No more abusive, race-based policies and practices, no more belittling the poor. We strive for an end to legalized racial bias in school discipline policies and tax incentive programs. We endorse Tishaura not because we believe that she can  or should address all of these issues on her own. By endorsing her we are committing to work with her right now – to help see that she is elected – as well as in the future, when we will  be proud to call her the Mayor of St. Louis.

Since the Ferguson Uprising, we have collaborated with local organizations and initiatives focused on implementing the signature priorities of the Forward Through Ferguson Report. Through partnership on the individual and collective levels, we have done research on every candidate, and have been impressed by many local leaders, including Ms. Jones’s. We are endorsing candidates who employ the racial equity lens in their work ethic, with bold commitments to speak truth to power, and leverage political power for the cause of the most marginalized. We are sharing the list of candidates we’ve endorsed,followed by the statement we signed earlier this week in support of Tishaura, as part of our continued commitment to the renewal of our communities.

Our recommendations for the Democrat Ticket March 7th:

  • Sharon Tyus (Ward 1)
  • Gloria Muhammed (Ward 3)
  • Megan Betts (Ward 5)
  • Quinn Parks (Ward 7)
  • Dan Guenther (Ward 9)
  • A note on Ward 11: While both Dee Brown and Sarah Wood Martin agree that the racial equity lens is important, Mrs. Martin tends to communicate that increased police presence is essential to public safety. Though she promises that new officers must be trained in cultural competency, she has the endorsement of the SLPOA. She has publicly distanced herself from Jeff Roorda, but we believe that a firm “no thank you” is more in order when being congratulated by this group. Dee Brown has 30 years in the 11th Ward, and is founder of the St. Louis Safety group. She seeks to open the city to more immigrants, and has frank discussions on addressing mass incarceration, human trafficking, and homelessness. Martin has more political experience and has good ideas on human trafficking and women’s issues. She also endorses Tishaura and publicly denounces the attacks on our candidate for Mayor.
  • Stephanie Dinges (Ward 13)
  • Megan Ellyia Green (Ward 15)
  • Thomas Oldenburg (Ward 16)
  • Joe Diekemper (Ward 17)
  • A note on Ward 19: Marlene Davis is being challenged by Lindsay Pattan. Pattan is the recommendation of some of the residents we trust in the 19th. She has boldly addressed issues of TIF and biased tax abatement, and publicly names the importance of dismantling racial bias in the political system. The St. Louis American, our recommended source for honest, unbought journalism, endorses Marlene Davis. In their words: “Davis is a steady presence in her ward with deep ties in the city’s black civic leadership. She has a progressive challenger similar to candidates we have championed in other races, but we believe there is a place for established and seasoned Black political operators on an evolving board.”  FFJ researchers are torn and owe a great debt to our partners and friends who hold us accountable to that transparency. As no ward 19 residents were on the research team this year, we cannot presume to know what is best for its residents in a situation where neither candidate is out to destroy the lives of the most marginalized Black people under their care. And because that commitment is our chief priority, we lean towards the incumbent, Marlene Davis, as Black political power must be testified of and built by Black people.
  • John Collins-Muhammed (Ward 21)
  • Shane Cohn (Ward 25)
  • Keena Carter (Ward 27)

Warning to Ward 23: ABSTAIN on this vote. Instead, begin work to raise up political power that centers the marginalized for the cause of racial and socioeconomic justice. Joe Vaccaro ran a train wreck campaign for Sheriff, during which he admitted to not spending much time in his own ward. He is condescending towards Tishaura, and appears to have no concern for the racial equity agenda.

Vote YES on Prop S




The endorsement letter we signed for Tishaura Jones:

social media advisory_statement in support of Jones for Mayor.jpg

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